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Your Functional Test

The short story:

Functional Testing will show us two things:

  1. How well you move compared to the normal range of motion.
  2. Where your spine is weak and unstable.

The slightly longer story:

On your second visit to Vizuri, you will complete the functional test which takes about 15 minutes. The Lead Chiropractic Assistant will use state of the art, JTech Medical’s Tracker 5 software along with instruments called inclinometers for the test. Inclinometers will be placed on your head, neck and back and we will guide you through a set of simple, pain-free motions while you are seated, standing and laying down. The inclinometers wirelessly transmit your movements to the Tracker 5 program to measure your range of motion and strength of your neck and back muscles.

The functional test is a part of the evaluation process for all of our patients and will give you and Dr. Schenck an accurate assessment of your range of motion and muscle strength when you begin treatment. This objective and diagnostic measurement is used in combination with a physical exam and one-on-one consultation to measure your health and help you set goals. Range of motion and muscle strength are important indicators of the health of your spine and therefore your overall health.

The range of motion and muscle strength data we collect from the functional test will be used as part of your baseline assessment, and will help Dr. Schenck determine your best course of treatment. He will present all of our findings and a treatment plan to you on your third visit (Report of Findings).

After a few weeks of treatment we will do another functional test, physical exam and check in with you on your progress. We will compare your initial results to your current ability to provide you and Dr. Schenck with accurate information about where you have made progress and where there is still room for improvement. The functional test outcomes will help develop further treatment goals and plans.

Why is this important?

Each joint in the body has a normal range of motion, there are several things that can limit that range including mechanical problems, injury or disease. Limited range of motion can impair the ability to perform daily activities, induce injury and lead to degeneration of muscle strength, balance and posture. It is very important to regain range of motion.

We all need muscle strength to do our daily activities, but most of us live sedentary lifestyles which leads to strength loss. Poor strength can also cause limitations in your daily activities and increase your risk of developing a disability, especially as you age. Maintaining muscle strength is important for balance, range of motion, injury prevention and faster healing times.


  • Shows progression/regression
  • Provides data that can be used for diagnosis
  • Accurate results


  • High tech/State of the art equipment
  • Provides easy to read reports for patients and doctors